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“YaY! My Boudoir Session is booked! ….what the heck am I going to wear?!”

Congratulations on booking your Boudoir Session. You will not regret this experience! In order for you to love your session and your photos, not only do we need beautiful looks, but we need looks that flatter YOUR body. So first – Check the intimately inspiring Gallery page for inspiration from our other beautiful clients! Next, head to Pinterest (if you haven’t already) and explore the endless photos and styles. If you create a mood/inspiration board, feel free to share that so I can get a feel of your vision. Next lets think about  vision + styles + your body

  1. VISION– Are you going for blushing bride in all white lace? bohemian princess in a frilly bralette? casual sexy in ripped jeans and Calvin Klein undies? or barely covered in just a sheet? or all of the above!
  2. STYLE– bra & panty sets, corsets, a teddy, just his tie? There are so many options! Treat yourself 😉 mix it up and be creative. Try something daring and have fun!
  3. YOUR BODY- Think about the parts of your body you love most and want to show off! Killer legs? Perfectly Round tushy? Sexy back and tight abs? Pick pieces that enhance and draw attention to those areas! If you love your abs, a bra and panty set it perfect! If your backside is your greatest ASSet 😉 wear undies or a teddy that are cheeky to show it off! When choosing your pieces, keep in mind your “not so favorite” parts of your body too. Get fitted properly  and feel comfortable! A lacey robe, corset or babydoll are great ways to cover and still be sexy.

Other tips:

  • Bring something meaningful to you or your significant other! This is a great way to personalize your session. It may be something sexy you bought yourself in Paris that year or that ring he bought you that gets him lucky every time you wear it. 😉
  • Be sure to get your nails done for a flawless finishing touch. And be true to you. If you’re a neutral kind of gal, don’t go for neon.
  • Drink plenty of water for luminous skin and hydrate hydrate hydrate!
  • Be careful in the sun so you don’t get blotchy, and please no spray tans. Your natural skin will photograph best.
  • Heels really lift the tush and tone the thighs
  • Eat something light but filling before your shoot. You’d be surprised how exhausting posing can be.
  • Wear loose fitted clothes to your session to avoid red marks on your skin.
  • Relax, have some champagne with me and have fun!
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