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How far in advance do I need to book my session? + -

I recommend that women book their session (at a minimum) 2 months prior to needing their finished products in hand. I tend to book up very quickly as I am a one woman show, so do not hesitate to reach out about your session date. It is never too soon to get you on the calendar.

I do not look like the models on your website, will my photos still look beautiful? + -

Let me start by saying, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and I make it my mission to show you just how beautiful you are while having a ton of fun! I have photographed women in all stages of life, of all shapes and sizes and of all beautiful colors. <3 However, I ONLY share photos of my clients that I am given permission to share, so my shared work is limited. You will absolutely look beautiful! Show up and trust me!

Where will my session take place? + -

I only shoot out of my beautiful all natural light studio in Dunwoody, GA. Big windows, soft light, and lots of fun furniture to play on makes for the perfect atmosphere to celebrate you!

How much can you ``edit out?`` + -

This is a touchy subject for many, so I choose to rely on my strategic poses to eliminate “problem areas” and edit as little as possible. I DO always remove blemishes, bruises and skin flaws. However, unless requested, if it is permanent on your body, it stays. I lighten circles under eyes and smooth skin, but I do not morph your body into something it is not. Many women are concerned with stretch marks, but most all of us have them! Skin smoothing will cover those up if requested to do so. My mission is to show you just how beautiful you are, the way you are!

I'm a teacher/pastor's wife/high profile ladyboss...will my photos remain private? + -

Absolutely! I will never use your photos without your written consent. I respect and understand your privacy. I WILL ask you if I can use any, because sometimes/often times I fall in love with photos and would love to share them with potential clients and on my website/social media. If you were to agree, I would never use your name or tag you in the photos.

Can my boyfriend/husband/etc come along? + -

Sorry! As grade school as it sounds, no boys allowed in the studio (at this time–I’m tossing around the idea of couples sessions in the future). This is a place for women to feel empowered and sexy and I have found that having others in the room hinders that process. I promise they will love an album of the beautiful photos. Sometimes, a sister or good girlfriend makes the client feel more comfortable, if this is you, then by all means bring them. Just be POSITIVE that you will be just as or more comfortable with them in the room as you would be without them.

Still Have Questions…

I understand that Boudoir can be an intimidating idea and you may still have more questions. I love being able to help ease any outstanding concerns, so please feel free to reach out to me.