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Hi there,
I am Holly Trizzino

Hey there! I’m Holly, the one behind the camera, a self-professed lingerie addict and keeper of the champagne! 😉 I’m also a wife and mommy to the two beautiful souls, Oli and Willow, pictured above. It is my passion to empower women to awaken the BEAUTIFUL they are! I’ll greet you with mimosas: a pretty delicious incentive. Right?! Once our glasses are empty, the fun begins as I find the perfect shots to make you shine the way you were always meant to. My wish is that you leave feeling not only more beautiful and sexy than you ever knew possible, but confident as well!

If you’re asking yourself, “Why?! Why would I do this? It’s totally not me to do something so crazy as parade around in front of a camera in my lingerie!”
Well, my answer would be simple: Because you SHOULD.!

A Boudoir shoot is a unique experience for women of all stages in life to celebrate who and where they are. Boudoir illuminates intimacy, elegance, and feminism. Especially in this era, it is vital to highlight the strength, grace, and self-awareness of women. This empowerment sends a vital message to the world, to our daughters, and more importantly… to ourselves. That message is: I am beautiful, and I love who I am. Let’s get to shooting, beautiful!!!