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Intimately Inspiring partners up with La Gartier, there is never shortage of flowers, bling or bridal bliss. This shoot was originally inspired by Hailey Paige‘s new Wedding Day irridescent robes that read “Wedding Day Vibes” and “Sparkle Squad! “Give us all the sparkles!” was the mission, but whenever La Gartier and I are together, beautifully laced sets from Lola & August must also be there. It seems as though they have become our collaborative signature—and we aren’t complaining one bit! This shoot was a breathe of fresh bridal air! What Bride doesn’t love sparkles AND lace! Our lighting, our lace, THAT GARTER (insert all the heart eyes here) and our Bride to Be, ATL’s yoga Barbie Carly Grace were the perfect combination for this luminous Bridal Session!




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